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play is the 'work' of early childhood

Welcome to Kids Kare Nursery - PRESCHOOL


At KK, we believe all children deserve the best possible start in life. It is why our nursery was constructed from the ground up to reflect such a start. Our program supports the children in becoming confident, creative and independent learners.


Our quality enriched educational program is based on the British EYFS curriculum and caters to children from three months to four years.

Best Nursery in JLT

KK Educational philosophy

is based on a number of fundamental beliefs:


Children pass through sequential stages of development at different rates and thus require programs that reflect and cater to each individual's needs and strengths.


Children learn best by doing - active thinking, participation and experimention to discover first hand - the world we live in.


Play provides the foundation for learning and enables staff to achieve the key goals of an early childhood curriculum. 

In relation to children we:


Believe that learning through play is an essential aspect of quality early childhood educational programs, therefore our programs:


  • Have a strong focus on play based learning.

  • Provide children with opportunities to explore and discover, to question and predict, to wonder, imagine and take chances.

  • Provide a secure, nurturing and stimulating environment to allow children to grow emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.

  • Provide the opportunity to reflect the real world and children’s abilities and interests with an emphasis on choice and independence.


KK Nursery is one of the best nurseries in Dubai with a prime location with a lake view. Our facility has a decidedly non-traditional approach to creating an area that would inspire movement, energy and participation from the children spending time with us.  

Through innovative design and an unconventional use of colors, objects and educational toys - KK nursery sets a new standard for children's spaces. 


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