“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”

- Bernard Shaw 


An Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum

Here at KK nursery-preschool we follow a British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum focused on seven key areas of a child’s development. Our focus is on treating each child as unique and supporting them to develop and thrive to the best of their ability in a stimulating play based environment. We do this through on going assessment, planning and observations of the children in our care. 



In relation to our educational programs at KK nursery - preschool we:
  • Believe that learning through play is an essential aspect of quality early childhood educational programs, therefore our programs at KK nursery preschool have a strong focus academics through play. 

  • Value our curriculum that provides the children with opportunities to explore and discover, to question and predict, to wonder, to imagine and take chances. 

  • Value the benefits of a secure, nurturing and stimulating environment that provides each individual child with the prospects to grow emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially. 

  • Believe that intentional teaching is deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful. We use strategies such as modelling and demonstrating, open questioning, speculating, explaining, engaging in shared thinking and problem solving to extend children’s learning. 

  • Provide programs which reflect the real world and reflect children’s abilities and interests with an emphasis on choice and independence.


For more information relating to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and whether this fits with your philosophy and beliefs please have a look at the following links. They highlight practice guidance and the framework that we follow to implement our curriculum:



A Knowledge and Human Authority approved nursery - preschool


The Academic Plan of KK Nursery – Preschool has been approved by KHDA. This means our educational facilities are regularly inspected by KHDA and meet all relevant legislation.


A DHA licensed nursery - preschool


KK Nursery – Preschool has been inspected and granted operational licence from Dubai Health Authority.

A DMCC licensed nursery - preschool 


KK Nursery – Preschool has been approved as a nursery and have operational licence from DMCC.

A Dubai Municipality Inspected nursery 


We are regularly inspected by Dubai Municipality and comply with all Health and Safety and employment guidelines within a nursery setting.


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