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We took a decidedly non-traditional approach to creating an area that would inspire movement, energy and participation from the kids spending time in our nursery.  through innovative design and an unconventional use of colours, objects and educational toys - KK nursery sets a new standard for children’s educational facilities.

Theme of a bouncing ball

We used the recurring theme of circles throughout the structure in a cheerful bouncing ball theme. Corridor walls are perforated with circular window openings, creating not only a visual interest but also providing natural light to what would otherwise become an artificially lit hallway. Circles appear in the form of windows, creating a whimsical display of a ball bouncing around the nursery on classroom and activity room walls.


We love Fairy Tales

Specifically chosen parts of the facility are splashed with color in the form of fairy tale objects and paintings. The result of blending soft and bright colors alongside simple materials like rubber wood and plywood creates a hearty, vibrant environment that communicates freedom and open space in which your child can learn and play.





All of our classrooms are equipped for the different key areas supporting the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  There are a variety of areas for children to play and learn; including role play, problem solving, reading & literature - alongside group learning within each classroom setting.

In addition we have several themed rooms in the nursery where children can explore their creative side, engage in physical activity and examine the world in our unique science room.


Activity Hall


Play is one of the most important activities contributing to the healthy development of children, and we have decidedly created spaces in which this essential activity can take place with unfettered exuberance.

We know that a child's development is an on-going process and its' outcome depends on the things we surround them with.


Make Believe Hall


All of our activity furniture collections and accessories are made from rubber wood and imported directly from reliable manufactures that follow CE quality certifications. This ensures that each piece of activity furniture receives the utmost attention - just like a child should.


Sports Hall


The Sports Hall of KK nursery is a room with style, simple elegance and functionality. Children enter the space of a whimsical city ready to engage in sports play and the nursery stands to welcome them with its bouncing ball motif and vibrant color scheme.

The idea that spaces can be transformed can be seen in our nursery.  All you have to do is catch a glimpse of kids using the space, the smiles on their faces, the pure joy as they engage in play to know that the Sports Hall is serving its intended purpose.


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